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Go for a Space Walk and feel the vastness of space on Oculus Quest VR (1,2,3 or Pro)(required). 

Three adventure levels:

The Earth: Exit the space shuttle and chill out, orbiting over any part of The Earth to view the continents and oceans. Set the time-of-day to view sunrises and night lights. Complete challenges to recover satellites to the space shuttle.

Save The World! An asteroid is heading towards Earth. Navigate through the asteroid's tunnels to plant explosives to destroy it in a race against time.  15 levels with 3 levels of difficulty.

The Space Station. Float around the outside of the Space Station and view the fully working Canadarm remote arm and visiting HTV supply vessels. Complete a puzzle fixing solar panels - randomly different puzzle every time.


The trigger buttons thrust forward and backwards in the direction you are looking. Alternatively, the left and right thumbsticks allow you to thrust forwards, backwards, sideways and rotate / roll.

The grip buttons grab objects

Buttons A, X or Menu open the options menu. 

Motion Sickness
Not everyone is cut out to be an astronaut so if you are easily affected by motion sickness in VR, then this app probably isn't for you. That said, there are a couple of things that will help:

  • Use the right trigger button to move in the direction you are looking, rather than using the joysticks to move and rotate. Stick to slow turns.
  • In the Earth scene, set the Earth animations to "OFF" to make your position over the Earth instantly jump between locations when you change it, rather than smoothly animating which gives the sensation of flying across the Earth.
  • Just because you can do back-flips and rolls, maybe don't!
  • Leave Auto-Stabilize on (it is on by default). Only the very bravest switch this off to give a truly weightless feel!

Purchasing here on Itch.io will give you a code to enter into your Oculus account. This will then install the game into your Quest VR headset.

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Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Is it available for Steam VR?

Sorry - it is not on Steam VR right now.  Should it be do you think?

I would love for it to be there yes! I just bought a Valve Index and looking for immersive experiences!

Can you make a steam vr version? I really wanna play a space game in vr and this looks great, but i have a valve index not a quest :(

Thanks for the encouragement. I was wondering whether I should make this for another platforms :-)

dont work

Tell me more - what doesn't work. Are you using Quest 1 or 2?

I found an issue that might have prevented it loading on a Quest 1, if that's what you were using. It's fixed now, so try re-downloading and see if that fixes your issue :-)

Quest 1, awesome ill hop on in a min and check it out and will let you know.