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Is it available for Steam VR?

Sorry - it is not on Steam VR right now.  Should it be do you think?

I would love for it to be there yes! I just bought a Valve Index and looking for immersive experiences!

Can you make a steam vr version? I really wanna play a space game in vr and this looks great, but i have a valve index not a quest :(

Thanks for the encouragement. I was wondering whether I should make this for another platforms :-)

dont work

Tell me more - what doesn't work. Are you using Quest 1 or 2?

I found an issue that might have prevented it loading on a Quest 1, if that's what you were using. It's fixed now, so try re-downloading and see if that fixes your issue :-)

Quest 1, awesome ill hop on in a min and check it out and will let you know.